Accessories for UV Light-Curing Systems

UV Bulbs
The intensity and spectral output of UV curing bulbs determines their ability to cure UV adhesives and UV coatings.

Liquid Lightguides
INCURE LLG Series liquid lightguides are suitable for UV adhesives curing and UV fluorescence inspection at lengths of up to 20 m (60 ft.) 300nm. Superior transmission of up to 5W of UV radiation. Suitable for very rugged environments. Recommended light sources: mercury and xenon short arc, tungsten halogen. Temperature range (long term): -5°C to +35°C

Eye Protection
INCURE offers eye protection, as well as shields and shutters to provide protection from UV/Visible light exposure.

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Pyra-SilTM Ngraf 
Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating


LitemaskTM 4915
Temporary Masking Resin


Excellent surface protection for highly polished components during aggressive surface finishing processes such as grit blasting, shot peening, plating, and polishing.