FLOOD LAMP | F100 / F200 2




Compact UV Flood Curing Lamp
•  Auto-Range AC Line Input • Standby Mode • Elapsed Hour Meter • Forced Air Cooling

The INCURE F100/200 is a compact UV flood curing lamp. F100/F200 integrates all system components into a small lamp head which can be easily mounted anywhere on a factory floor, with virtually no cabling or remote control boxes required. Just mount the head, connect the AC line cord, and start curing! The long life 400/600-Watt metal halide type lamp and parabolic reflector illuminate an 8 x 6 inch curing area with evenly distributed 100mW/cm2 UVA light (320–390nm). The arc lamp is powered by the state of the art UV Power-Plus Lamp Driver. The head features a convenient carrying handle and sliding height adjustment bracket. 


 Model F100 F200
 Order Number 290005 290033
 Input Voltage 90-132/180-265VAC
 Input Current, 120/240V 7A/3.5A maximum 10A/5.0A maximum
 Source Input Frequency 47 Hz to 63 Hz
 Lamp Power Regulation ± 1%
 Fan / Auxiliary Voltage 24V
 Lamp Type 400 watt metal halide 600 watt metal halide
 Arc Length 32 mm
 Burning Position Horizontal
 Radiation Flux 72 Watts (315 - 400 nm) 110 Watts (315 - 400 nm)
 Warm-up Time 2 minutes
 Cooling Time Before Restart   5 minutes typical
 Curing Area  8 x 6'' minimum 
 Lamp Life 1000 hours typical
 Operating Temperature +10°C to +40°C
 Relative Humidity 30 to 75% operating, 10 to 100% storage
 Cooling Convection
 L x W x H (inches) 11” x 10” x 9”
 Weight (lbs.) 13 Pounds
Download  Bulletin for F100/200 UV Flood Curing Systems (119 KB)