L1000 Series  


INCURE L1000 (365, 385 or 405 configurations) offers users the benefit of lower cost per joule, made possible with 144 high-power LEDs for curing of Incure UV/Visible light curing adhesives and coatings. With more than 1,800 mW/cm2 of intensity covering 4" x 4" of curing area, it is the highest in it class and is suitable for use as a stand-alone modular unit mounted on UV chambers (for small scale manufacturing) or mounting on Incure C9000 UV Conveyor (for high volume production). LED Controlled provides operation via foot-switch or PLC with programmable curing modes.


    Overview of Product Spectrum  
    Product              Description              


            Model L1000  
            Wavelengths 365, 385 and 405nm  
            Typical Initial Output

1,600 mW/cm2 @76mm (3.0'') distance
1,800 mW/cm2 @50mm (2.0'') distance
1,900 mW/cm2 @38mm (1.5'') distance
2,000 mW/cm2 @25mm (1.0'') distance

            Curing Area

100mm x 100mm (4'' x 4'')

            Static Uniformity (Modular) 0.78 @38mm (1.5'') distance  
            Dynamic Uniformity (Conveyor) 0.90 @38mm (1.5'') distance  
            Cooling / Temperature Air Cooled  
            Power Requirements 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz (Auto-Ranging)  
            Irradiator Housing Dimensions / Weight

5.1'' x 5.1'' x 5.1''(4.6lb)


Controller / Power Supply Dimensions

12.9'' x 5.2'' x 9'' (17.1lb)