Order Number      
  282021 UVA Enchanced Metal Halide Lamp  
  282022 UVB Enchanced Metal Halide Lamp  
  282023 Visible Light Enhanced Metal Halide Lamp  
  282038 Filter Glass  
  282039 Lamp Access Panel Thumb Screws  
  282040 Lamp Height Adjustment Knob  
  282036 7'6'' Power Cord, U.S. Version  
  282041 Replacement Fan Filter Elements  
  282037 Warparound UV Shield  
  282028 Adjustable Height Flood Stand  
  282006 UV Blocking Eyewear Goggle  

UV Flood Curing System


The F100 is a UV flood curing light system. F100 integrates all system components into a small lamp which can be easily mounted anywhere on a factory floor, with virtually no cabling or remote control boxes required. Just mount the head, connect the AC line cord, and start curing!