The S20 is a new generation ultra high intensity compact UV light curing system that emits up to 23W/cm2 of intensity at the tip of the light-guide (and 27W/cm2 at light source). The adjustable knob allows varying intensities to suit your application needs. With a guaranteed useful life of 2,000 hrs, Incure S20 provides the best value per mW/cm2 in its class. The system weighs a mere 6 pounds, and its 4 x 8.5 x 10.5 inch size is the smallest in its class.

  Features of S20TM  - High Intensity UV Lamp

Ultra High Intensity
  Accurate 1 to 99 second
  Constant Lamp Power
  Safety Interlock

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    S20™ Ultra High Intensity UV Lamp  
     Model S20  
     Order Number 290029 290028  
     AC Input Voltage 100-120VAC ± 10% 200-240VAC ± 10%  
     AC Input Current (max) 4.7 Amperes 2.5 Amperes  
     Source Input Frequency 47 Hz to 63 Hz  
     Lamp Power Regulation ± 1.0%  
     Fan / Auxiliary Voltage 24V @ 0.5A  
     Lamp Type 200 watt mercury  
     Lamp Voltage 40VDC @ 5Amps  
     Burning Position Horizontal  
     Radiation Flux 275 - 650 nm  
     Warm-up Time 1 to 2 minutes  
     Cooling time before Restart 2 to 5 minutes typical  
     Output Intensity (typical) >21W/cm2  
     Output Intensity Range 25-100% combined  
     Lamp Life >2,000 hours typical  
     Operating Temperature +10°C to +40°C  
     Relative Humidity 30 to 75% operating, 10 to 100% storage  
     Cooling Dual DC fans, filtered  
     Over-temp shutdown 65°C (internal)  
     L x W x H  10.51” x 8.64” x 4.05” / 26.70cm x 21.95cm x 10.29cm  
     Weight  5.92 Pounds / 2.69 Kg  
     Package L x W x H  30.5'' x 30'' x 22'' / 30.5cm x 30cm x 22cm  
     Package Weight  8.82 Pounds / 4 Kg  
     Download Bulletin for S20 UV Light Curing System (126 KB)