INCURE LLG Series liquid lightguides are suitable for UV adhesives curing and UV fluorescence inspection at lengths of up to 20 m (60 ft.) 300nm. Superior transmission of up to 5W of UV radiation. Suitable for very rugged environments. Recommended light sources: mercury and xenon short arc, tungsten halogen. Temperature range (long term): -5°C to +35°C

• Rugged Construction
• Excellent Throughput
• Superior Transmission
• Wide Range
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   Single Pole Lightguides
 Product Pole x Diameter x Length 
LG620 1 x 3mm x 500mm
LG622 1 x 3mm x 1000mm
LG623 1 x 3mm x 1500mm
LG624 1 x 3mm x 2000mm
LG601 1 x 5mm x 1000mm
LG602 1 x 5mm x 1500mm
LG625 1 x 5mm x 2000mm
LG626 1 x 5mm x 3000mm
LG627 1 x 8mm x 500mm
LG628 1 x 8mm x 750mm
LG603 1 x 8mm x 1000mm
LG629 1 x 8mm x 1500mm
LG630 1 x 8mm x 2000mm
LG632 1 x 8mm x 3100mm
LG633 1 x 8mm x 6200mm 

   Bifurcated Pole Lightguides (Two Poles)
 Product  Pole x Diameter x Length
LG634 (5mm Rod) 2 x 3mm x 750mm
LG604 (5mm Rod) 2 x 3mm x 1000mm
LG635 (5mm Rod) 2 x 3mm x 1500mm
LG636 (5mm Rod) 2 x 3mm x 2000mm

   Trifurcated Lightguides (Three Poles)
 Product  Pole x Diameter x Length
LG605 (8mm Rod) 3 x 3mm x 1000mm
LG637 (8mm Rod) 3 x 3mm x 1500mm

   Four-Pole Lightguides
 Product  Pole x Diameter x Length
LG606 (8mm Rod) 4 x 3mm x 1000mm
LG638 (8mm Rod) 4 x 3mm x 1500mm
LG639 (8mm Rod) 4 x 3mm x 2000mm