UV Light Curing Conveyor Systems
 • Compact • Highly Versatile • Adjustable Lamp Height • Variable Speed, Up to 12 ft/min

Incorporating the latest technology in UV measurement and monitoring system, the INCURE Hurricane Series UV Conveyors are designed for laboratory or high volume production applications. Featuring the use of variable speed motor, with a velocity regulating drive that keeps the belt speed constant for varying loads. Each system can be configured with single or dual high intensity lamps, which can be removed and reconfigured as stand mounted systems for increased versatility. The belt-to-lamp height can be easily adjusted from 1.5 to 5 inches, for improved compatibility with varying part sizes. 

One of the key features is the built-in (optional) Intelligent iPatrolTM 
UMS (UV Monitoring System), which makes use of sensing cells to monitor UV lamps individually, offering Real-Time monitoring, triggering alarms when UV lamp power is out of the preset range.

Model C9000-115V C9000-230V
Order Number 290010 290009
Ac Input Voltage 100-115VAC ± 10% 200-230VAC ± 10%
Ac Input Current 20 Amperes 10 Amperes
Source Input Frequency 47 Hz to 63 Hz  
Belt Speed 0.5 to 12 ft. / min
Digital Speed Read Out 0.01 ft. / min.
Belt Type Polypropylene / Anti-static (Optional)
Lamps F100/F200F100P/F200P, F500
Operating Temperature +10°C to +40°C 
Relative Humidity 30 to 85% operating, 10 to 100% storage
Cooling(motor/drive) Convection 
L x W x H (inches) 54” x 14” x 12”
Weight (lbs.) 51 Pounds
 Download: Bulletin for Incure C9000 UV Light Curing Conveyor Systems (120 KB)