The L2088(365, 385 or 405 configurations) offers users the benefit of lower cost per joule, made possible with 144 high-power LEDs for curing of Incure UV/Visible light curing adhesives and coatings. With more than 1,300 mW/cm2 of intensity covering 8" x 8" of curing area, it is the highest in it class and is suitable for use as a stand-alone modular unit mounted on UV chambers (for small scale manufacturing) or mounting on Incure C9000 UV Conveyor (for high volume production). LED Controlled provides operation via foot-switch or PLC with programmable curing modes.

Features of L2088TM - High Intensity UV LED Lamp

  Extremely Powerful
  144 High-Power LEDs
  8" x 8" Curing Area
  Programmable Curing Modes

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L2088 UV LED Flood Lamp
   Configuration Specifications
  Type of Lamp LED Flood
  Peak Intensity,   Distance from Lamp Base,   (mW/cm2)








  Intensity Adjustment YES

  Optional Wavelengths

365, 395, 405
  Working Distance  1.5"-3"
  Expected Bulb Life >20000 hrs
  Intensity Decay Over Life  20%
  Curing Area  8" x 8"
  Curing Box with Interlock Safety Feature(optional)    B300 or B500 with Adapter Plate
  Curing Box Adjustable Heights 3.5"
  Temperature Management   Forced Air with Louvers
  Power Input 100-240V 50/60Hz Auto-Ranging
  External Control Port LCD Programmable Panel
  Light Source Dimension  
  Power Supply Dimension

  Curing Box Dimension
9.1"x 9.1"x 6.3"
 13"x 5.1"x 9"
   Ordering Part Number L2068-365, L2068-395, L2068-405