UV/Visible Light Curing Adhesives
and Light Curing Systems

INCURE manufactures a wide range of UV and visible light-curing adhesives, silicones, epoxies, cyanoacrylates, encapsulates, sealants and conformal coatings for industrial, medical, electronics, optical and aerospace applications.  Along with our superior range of UV light curing systems, we guarantee cost-efficient process solutions by focusing on matching chemistries with our unique Bi-Cure features.  Come, talk to us on how you can benefit from this technology.

The S20TM spot-cure light source is a new generation ultra-high intensity compact UV light spot-curing system.  Highest in its class, measured at the tip of the light-guide, it is capable of  emitting up to 23,000mW/cm2 of intensity (using EIT Spotcure®, the original manufacturer of UV Spot Lamp measuring instrument).  The intensity adjustable knob on this UV spot lamp allows users vary intensities to suit specific application needs. This translates into cost-savings on energy and bulb replacement costs.  Guaranteed for 2,000 hours, Incure S20TM provides the best value per W/cm2 in the industry.

LitemaskTM 4905
Peelable Adhesive Coating

Replace wax, lacquer, tapes with the Incure LitemaskTM. Email to support@uv-incure.com for a free sample.

Ultra-IlluminaTM EL-9069B
UV Conformal Coating

Incure EL-9069B is a UL-compliant UV light curable coating developed for use as a conformal coating in PCB assembly. Cured using Incure F500 or other matching light-source, EL-9069B will cure quickly into a hard, clear, resilient, and tack-free barrier against moisture, arcing and contamination.  Request for a free sample today!