Incure high vacuum grease is designed for sealing and lubricating vacuum and pressure systems. This product maintains its consistency from -40°C to 204°C. Popular as a general laboratory lubricant, in large part to its low cost relative to the alternatives. It finds utility in stopcocks, O-rings, gasket sealant, and high temperature vacuum applications.

Advantages of Pyra-SilTM - High Vacuum Grease

  Excellent Thermal Stability
  Electrically and Thermally Insulating
  Low Volatility to hold Deep Vacuums
  Non-Melting and Insoluble in Water
  Resists Oxidation

Typical Applications:

General Laboratory Lubricant
Maintains Vacuum and Pressure Systems
Pyra-Sil™ Series Core Product
Product Product Highlights Color Penetration Bleed Evaporation Drop Point
802 Translucent paste. Excellent thermal stability and electrically - thermally Insulating. Low volatility to hold deep vacuums. Non-melting and insoluble in water. Resists Oxidation. Translucent 185 0.05% 1.1% >300°C
Available Package: 3 oz. tube & 453g container